Maria Salvador Top Relax

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Maria Salvador Top Relax: when we talk about J-AX weed we already understand that we are talking about guarantee. It is no coincidence that in the sector they are the top of quality. Top Relax contains “cheese” type inflorescences, a “bomb” in appearance and scent. At sight it has a light color studded with brilliant trichomes and if we exert pressure on this herb, very strong terpenes are released, reminiscent of cheese in maturation, due to its natural fermentation of the sugar contained in the flowers of this very particular and satisfying plant. Create a delicate enveloping atmosphere by releasing an intense and relaxing aroma.

Maria Salvador is the genetics chosen by J-Ax, this alone would be enough to make people understand the excellent quality of this legal cannabis light variety. We also offer you: Maria Salvador Classic – Maria Salvador Top Quality.

Maria Salvador Top Quality.


Legal Weed presenta sempre quantità di THC nei limiti consentiti in base alla legge n°2 del Dicembre 2016, n°242.
Il colore e l’odore dei nostri prodotti di Cannabis Light possono subire alterazioni nel tempo in quanto totalmente naturali e privi di additivi/sostenze chimiche.
Non esporre l’infiorescenza di cannabis light alla luce diretta del sole, mantenere in un luogo asciutto e fresco fuori dalla portata dei bambini. Prodotto non vendibile ai minori di 18 anni.
La Cannabis Light sopra i 30° subisce una perdita di aroma dovuta alla naturale essiccazione dei terpeni.

maria salvador top relax
Maria Salvador Top Relax
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