Legal Weed is a brand that has become a leader in the cannabinoid sector, it was one of the first Italian brands to treat and distribute hemp-based products and derivatives in Italy and Europe. It all started in 2016 with the “Tisana Fior Di Canapa”, evolving over the years.
Legal Weed is collaborating with some of well know people (such as with J-ax, Alborosie, Space one, El flaco, Indoorline, the University of Milan and many others)
and affiliations with partners to expand the list more and more with inflorescences, cosmetics, extracts, foods, plants and seeds, guaranteeing quality and legality.
In 2018 has also became a direct farmer.

Legal Weed developments from 2016 to today:

  • directly produces inflorescences, hash, charas, CBD oils and hemp derivatives;
  • agricultural, legal and commercial consultancy services;
  • Create packaging, merchandising and customized lines for third parties;
  • Affiliation with resellers, commercial activities in Italy and Europe;
  • Agricultural contracts for farmers;
  • Opening of our Legal Weed store in the operational headquarters;

Why choose Legal Weed for your purchases or investments?
The trust of our customers / collaborators is very important to us, we try to satisfy requests thanks to a kind and effective team of experts.
Competitive prices, support, confidentiality of anonymity, creativity, legality and quality are what represent us.
We also offer weekly discounts for our customers via newsletters, and high-margin discounts on Legal Weed products for our resellers.