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For us, quality service is synonymous with discretion. In this way, all our shipments are made in such a way as to make the package as anonymous as possible and in optimal conditions, guaranteeing you a quick, discreet order and in total respect of your privacy.

Cannabis inflorescences CBD refers to the flower, or bud, also called “marijuana bud”, produced by the female hemp plant. When the hemp flower reaches full bloom, the bud (as it is also often called) secretes some cannabinoids and resin to attract the pollen produced by the male cannabis plants, and thus produce seeds. As for the production of CBD cannabis flowers, these are seedless cannabis genetics, which have a high level of CBD: cannabidiol, and a very low level of THC: tetrahydrocannabinol. Remember, in the CBD market the seedless flower is the best option. However, not all buds contain the same CBD levels. The exact percentage depends on the strain of each plant and the cultivation method used. Typically, these high-CBD types of light marijuana are derived from specially treated plants to produce larger buds and maintain a high CBD profile, while ensuring the low THC content for the legal compliance they need.

The short answer is yes, CBD is legal in Europe. All our CBD inflorescences are marketed with laboratory analysis certification, in accordance with European legislation. All products marketed or produced by Legal Weed comply with European laws on the cultivation of hemp: European Decree n. 639-2014; The European regulation n. 1307/2013.

Each product distributed by Legal Weed is a collectible technical product that cannot be considered a medicine nor can it be consumed as food or for combustion. Light hemp can be used in various ways but we cannot give you information other than the uses described above.

Legal Weed riserva in edizioni speciali varietà uniche. Con le collaborazioni di grandi artisti come J-AX e SPACE ONE. Le nostre top quality sono: la linea Maria Salvador ( infiorescenze e hash); la linea Space One; La linea El Flaco Selection; By Legal Weed:Blue jo e Goa Shanti

According to several studies, the cannabinoids contained in CBD cannabis flowers can remain stable for two years if the cannabis buds are stored correctly. Therefore, for optimal long-term storage of cannabis it is necessary to create the perfect environment. To understand how to store CBD cannabis for the long term, it is important to understand what kills the agents that own the benefits expressed by CBD buds: – Light – Air – Humidity – Temperature

First of all, to buy on the website you must be of legal age. After that, all you have to do is register on the site with your personal data, once you have chosen the products you want to buy you will need to add them to the cart. For each product you will find important references and information, useful for choosing better and for selecting and facilitating your order. Once your products (inflorescences, CBD hashish or other) are in the cart, simply enter the data for the shipment, and proceed to pay by credit card, bank transfer or payment on delivery. All always in a discreet way in total respect of your privacy.

We take care to carefully check our products at all stages, from selection to delivery. Each batch of legal cannabis purchased is analyzed by those in charge with chemical certifications to ensure its safety and lawfulness.

CBD is the metabolite of cannabis, an active ingredient that after undergoing an initial transformation process, is immediately bioavailable and assimilable by our body, allowing the beneficial effects. CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of the 80 chemicals identified in the chemical composition of cannabis and referred to as cannabinoids, occupying about 40% in the hemp sativa extract, second only to tetracannabidiol.

Here at Legal Weed we share our knowledge and experiences through numerous blogs and articles regularly published on the pages of our site. We do it precisely to allow you to get to know the strains for your next online cannabis light purchases better and with a greater level of detail. Enjoy the quality of the products selected by Legal Weed. And as always, with all your online orders, you can take advantage of our delivery service within 24 hours always carried out with the utmost discretion. By subscribing to the NEWSLETTER you can always be updated on news and take advantage of great discounts throughout the year!

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