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Legal cannabis: quality inflorescences with a high CBD content
A selection of the best qualities of legal Marijuana

Legal cannabis is a particular variety of hemp whose buds contain a very low level of THC and an equally high level of CBD.

THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly called tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of 80 different active ingredients in cannabis. It is a psychotropic substance that acts on the mind and is therefore considered illegal in Italy.

CBD, on the other hand, is another active ingredient contained in the inflorescences of legal cannabis, this time however, with powerful beneficial effects and a strong ability to relax. It does not affect the mind, it is not addictive, and it does no harm to people.

There are several varieties of legal cannabis, which differ according to precise factors: geographical area of ​​origin, CBD content, genetic strain, etc … Botanical studies have identified three different varieties:




They are plants with an annual cycle, which vary in height according to the species they belong to. From their inflorescences, legal Marijuana is obtained, low in THC and rich in CBD.

What is CBD

It is one of a metabolite of the legal Cannabis sativa. Several studies have now proven that CBD has relaxing, anticonvulsant, antidistonic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, promotes sleep and is soothing against anxiety and panic and reduces eye pressure.

It is not a psychotropic principle, unlike THC. Consequently it is not a psychoactive element, it is not addictive or addictive and has remarkable relaxing, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving abilities. The innate therapeutic capabilities of legal cannabis have aroused the interest of the entire scientific community. Its therapeutic potential is therefore exploited for the treatment of various problems.

Legal Cannabis: How CBD Works

The active ingredient of CBD is quickly assimilated by the body. Assimilation is possible thanks to cannabinoid receptors. The receptors naturally bind to endocannabinoids, natural cannabinoids (such as CBD and THC) and synthetic cannabinoids. The scientific community has identified two different types: CB1 and CB2.

Those of CB1 are found in the central nervous system, while those of CB2 are found on both the T cells of the immune system and the central nervous system.

Thanks to CBs, CBD binds in a natural and beneficial way and begins to act in the body.

What are the effects of CBD

The beneficial properties of CBD have been demonstrated on a medical scientific level, following long field trials. Innovative agronomic techniques have made it possible to create legal cannabis with a lower power of THC and at the same time, with higher levels of CBD.

The properties attributed to CBD are different and all beneficial:






improves sleep quality

helps keep your mind clear and focused

This element helps to alleviate pain and mood swings, typical of PMS. It is used, often and willingly, to alleviate the discomfort of menopause. It has remarkable nutritional capabilities, which is why it is used in the preparation of creams, ointments and other products of classic and daily cosmetics.

Legal Cannabis: inflorescence, CBD and conservation

The inflorescences of legal cannabis contain the cannabinoids CBD, with multiple beneficial effects. The inflorescences are the flowers of the plant, often also called “bud” or “marijuana bud”. They are the female hemp flowers. At the moment of maximum flowering, the bud (or bud) secretes various types of cannabinoids and resin. These serve to attract the pollen produced by male cannabis plants. The seeds are produced from the union.

The inflorescences of legal cannabis have no seeds. These are genetics specially reproduced without seeds, to guarantee a high level of CBD and a low degree of THC. Depending on the legal cannabis strain and the genetic strain it comes from, CBD levels are different.

In order for these levels to be kept constant and stable over time, legal cannabis must be stored in an environment with optimal conditions. What leads to the degradation of the inflorescences and, consequently, the levels of CBD contained in them, are: light, air, humidity and temperature.

So the best way to preserve the buds, in order to ensure that the levels of CBD and other active ingredients of legal cannabis are maintained, is to create a cool and dark environment.

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