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Cannabis light, Legal Marijuana legale and Hash light: Legal Weed certified and guaranteed products

Legal Weed: Selection of the best strains on the market

Legal Weed proposes the best collection Cannabis Light, Marijuana legale and Hash light, with high level of CBD and a really low level of THC. Cannabis Light contains a really low level of delta-9-tetraidrocannabinolo (THC), psychoactive principle and a high level of cannabidiolo CBD, with powerful relaxing and therapeutic effects. There are different varieties of Cannabis that come from different geographical areas:

  • sativa

  • indica

  • ruderalis

Marijuana Light is a herbaceous plant with annual cycle.  With variable height (from 1 m to 6m) with different flowering periods depending on the variety and the strain. We obtain Legal Marijuana from dried inflorescences of Hemp. The final product involves only female inflorescences, whose THC level, in Italy, cannot exceed  0,2% (by the Law of 2 december 2016, n. 242). Different strains of cannabis produce different  quantities of inflorescences.

 Legal Hash on the other hand is pure resin, pure vegetable matter. It contains a high percentage of CBD and it does not have psychoactive effect. It is not harmful for the people and it is a biological and guaranteed product.

The Brand Legal Weed stands out for the high quality of the traded products. Selection of the best strains available at the moment on the market. From the inflorescences, to legal hash, each product is the result of  long meticulous botanical studies which have made possible the realization of a cannabis with low THC levels and high CBD levels.

The marketed inflorescences are the flower, also called  “marijuana buds”, produced from female hemp plants.  When the flower is in full blossom, the bud secretes various types of cannabinoid and resin. These ones attract the pollen produced by male hemp plants. From the union come the seeds.

Cannabis light flowers are accurate selections choosen between genetics without seeds. This guarantees a high level of CBD and a lower one of THC. The flowers without seeds are the best result in order to obtain the best yield of CBD.

The inflorescences contain different levels of CBD which depend on the kind of strain and on the cultivation method applied on the harvest. Cannabis light plants shall be handled in order to produce bigger buds with high CBD level. At the same time they guarantee a low level of THC, in accordance with the italian Law.

Cannabis Light: the proper conservation

The Cannabinoids contained in cannabis light may remain stable for about 2 years, needless to say with a proper conservation. In order to preserve Cannabis light with a proper and lasting manner, it is necessary creating  optimal environmental conditions.

The factors that can cause the deterioration of cannabis flowers are many: light, air, humidity and temperature.

The light maybe is the most significant between the four.  Cannabis light must be preserved away from any direct source of light . Also the air, or rather, the oxygen level can deteriorate legal cannabis buds: when in contact with too much oxygen, the active ingredients  of the buds will decrease. An inadequate air level will affect the humidity that can lead to the formation of mold. In order to avoid both situations, you have to select  proper boxes or jars, with the right size that can totally and hermetically seal the flowers of cannabis light.

Humidity can lead to the formation of mold, which is detrimental and harmful to cannabis light buds.  It is necessary to keep dry the buds, but not too much because too dry buds will have really low levels of active ingredients of cannabinoids. It is necessary to keep the proper level of humidity in order to guarantee a long lasting conservation of cannabis light inflorescences.

Last but not least, the temperature is the last enemy of cannabis light preservation. High temperatures lead to the exsiccation of the buds and the evaporation of terpenes. The best enviroment to conserve the buds is in a dry and dark place.

13,00 25,00 
THC: 0.42%



14,00 35,00 

Flower Mix

Flower Mix

5,15 115,00 
THC: 0.25%

Legal Weed


6,00 350,00 
13,00 25,00 
THC: 0.45%

Legal Weed


THC: 0.46%

Legal Weed

White Princess

6,00 400,00 
CBD: 5.63% THC: 0.41%

Legal Weed

Free Spirit

5,50 190,00 
THC: 0.40%


Goa Shanti

7,00 420,00 
CBD: 1.81% THC: 0.05%

Legal Charas

Enri Caramel

9,00 40,00 


Alexis Haze

14,00 35,00 

Legal Weed

Paul Walker

6,30 300,00 
CBD: 9.43% THC: 0.49%

Legal Weed

ChillOut 5g

THC: 0.44%


Blue Jo

7,00 395,00 
CBD: 7.14% THC: 0.40%
13,00 25,00 
CBD: 8.39% THC: 0.38%