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Liquid of Marihuana for Vapes and e-Cigs 

Basic e-liquid for Vapes and e-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and vapes are electronic devices created to be an alternative to the consumption of manufactured tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, ecc…). Electronic cigarettes try to imitate and mimic what you feel when you smoke classic cigarettes. Designed for reducing the tobacco’s addiction and its usage, that is why they spread so quickly in the national and international market. 

There are different kinds of electronic cigarettes, which all of them allow to inhale vapours without combustion. The most important part of e-Cigs is the atomizer, which contains the e-liquid. These liquids are produced with different aromas and flavours. It has been added a liquid for electronic cigarettes with Marijuana aroma and flavor.

Legal Marijuana liquid for electronic cigarettes

In Italy it is not allowed to use e-liquids based on ”normal Marijuana”(THC over the allowed limit). The products that contain THC cannot be sold and used to vape. So in few words, all Marijuana liquids for e-cigs available on the market have CBD (cannabidiol), in compliance with the current laws.

CBD is an active ingredient of Cannabis. It does not have any psychoactive effect, it is not addictive and is mostly used to relieve anxiety and stress.

The e-liquids currently in the market can be priced and bought depending on the CBD level (al pari dei più comuni liquidi in commercio con o senza nicotina – variabile dai 20 ai 400 mg). The liquids for electronic cigarettes can also be chosen depending on the aromas. You can also decide to mix together different liquids with different aromas and flavors.

In general the e-liquids can contain glicerine, water, aromas, CBD oil to be diluted, following the right instructions.

Liquid based on Marijuana for electronic cigarettes: Italian laws

In Italy the active ingredient THC (tetraidrocannabinolo) is considered illegal. So you cannot use e-liquids based on Marijuana with a high THC level(over the limit allowed by the Italian law). These ones are not available on the market and are usually self made.

In compliance with the law 242 of 2017, the allowed THC level in Italy is 0,5.

On the other hand, all the products which derive from cannabis light, for example the Liquid for electronic cigarettes based on Marijuana, have aroused a bigger and bigger interest worldwide, thanks to CBD benefits.

The features of Marijuana e-liquids

The typology of Marijuana e-liquid to use is a personal choice. It dipends on our own taste and needs. In the e-liquids change the quantity of CBD/nicotine and the kinds of fragrances that differ on flavour and texture. 

Sweet and enveloping, with fruity notes, or with citric and musky wooded. Also exist delicate e-liquids with tropical notes, which fill your mouth at every vaping action.

You can start with low CBD level mix, and after you can try higher CBD levels. Using an electronic cigarette with legal Marijuana is less dangerous than smoking normal cigarettes: there is no combustion because the vaporizer heats up the liquid so it does not damage the lungs.

Marijuana Liquids for electronic cigarettes: no side effects

The consumption of the active ingredient CBD, it does not have any kind of side effect. It does not damage the organism. CBD e-liquids are naturally produced through a long and detailed extraction of   cannabidiol(CBD).

Consuming a liquid that contains CBD has many and clear advantages because provides beneficial benefits to your physical and mental state. Today you can add high or low levels of CBD to your e-liquid. Flavor, taste and aroma can change depending on the mix and your liking.

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