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Capsaicin, shampoo and natural detergents based on CBD

CBD is a metabolite of legal cannabis sativa. One of the 80 different active ingredients that can be found in the plants of cannabis light. Different researches have discovered and recognized to CBD different beneficial relaxing properties, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, muscle relaxant, analgesics, anticonvulsants, helps to sleep and to relax against anxiety and panic. It was also discovered that CBD is also able to reduce the intraocular pressure.It has been different years since CBD has been discovered and used as a ”secret ingredient of beauty” in the cosmetics industry. 

It can be found in different creams, extracts, ointments, shampoo and unguents. For example in the body cream capsaicin based on CBD. The capsaicin is an efficient vasodilator, gives a pleasant feeling of warmth performing a direct activity on the microcirculation, while favouring a deep absorption of the functional principles.

CBD is also found in shampoo based on hemp , keratin and D-panthenol. Products that contain cold pressed cannabis oil , that during the years has been recognized as a great element to take care of your hair (strengthens, nourishes and hydrates the hair in a natural and effective way).

If you can choose is better a capsaicin based on CBD, rather than a shampoo  with CBD oil, this element has many significant dermocosmetic properties, perfect for the epidermis. Try the out!

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