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Light Marijuana and Legal Hashish: Special Edition

Quality, control and certification of the entire production chain

Marijuana light is an organic product in which the concentration of the active ingredient known as THC is very low (quantities less than 0.2% with fluctuations allowed up to 0.5%). Marijuana light is the result of accurate international research, lasting over twenty years, from which it was possible to obtain a Hemp Sativa suitable for producing the light. Obtained with innovative agronomic methods, based on scrupulous botanical studies, it has been the subject of long field trials.

Studies and experiments have therefore created a variety with a very small form of the psychotropic active ingredient of THC. In Italy, as in many other countries around the world, cannabis is not considered illegal and therefore prohibited. Instead, the substance it contains called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is.

Marijuana light, not containing THC, or containing small amounts permitted by law, is not illegal. It is not a “high” substance, but a natural product with a high CBD content.

Light marijuana and legal Hashish: products with a high CBD content

Even legal hashish, like light marijuana, does not contain THC (or in minimum percentages, always in terms of the law), does not produce psychotropic effects and is not harmful to people. The active ingredient found most in both of these products is CBD.

CBD is one of 80 different chemicals identified in the composition of cannabis. It is called “cannabidiol” and is present in large quantities in the hemp sativa plant. In other words, it is a powerful active ingredient that can be assimilated by the body in a completely natural way. Its beneficial effects are numerous and appreciated globally.

Today, growers and producers are constantly looking for strains from which a lot of CBD can be extracted. They are therefore trying to give life to plants that have a very high CDB content and an almost zero THC content. This substance is used for therapeutic purposes in many sectors and is part of the composition of derivative products, such as waxes, oils, ointments, creams, etc …

Light marijuana and legal hashish: organic cannabis

The special editions of Legal Weed are all products derived from the collaboration of international experts in the Cannabis sector. Products developed and marketed freely in Italy and from certified indoor and outdoor cultivation of organic Cannabis.

Organic cannabis is a plant grown and grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Organic farming techniques are used. This has made it possible to create cannabis varieties free from the presence of pollutants and chemical contents. Varieties selected, certified and authorized for cultivation in Europe.

In each product marketed, the amount of THC is within the limits permitted by law. The products are the result of careful and accurate cultivation and selection of the best varieties available on the market. They all contain a very high level of CBD whose beneficial effects are now well known.

The beneficial effects of CBD

Light marijuana and Legal Weed legal hashish have a high CBD rate. Active ingredient without psychotropic effects, with innumerable properties. CBD is attributed with properties such as:

  • antioxidant

  • anti-inflammatory

  • analgesic

  • anticonvulsant

  • antidepressant

  • improves sleep quality

  • helps keep your mind clear and focused

Furthermore, CBD is used to relieve pain and to control mood swings typical of PMS. Also used to alleviate the discomfort associated with menopause, it has considerable nutritional capacity for the epidermis. For this reason, variable percentages of this active ingredient are also found in the most common creams, ointments and cosmetic products.

All the advantages of light marijuana and legal hashish

The effects of light marijuana and legal hashish are multiple and all beneficial on a physical level. CBD has been the subject of in-depth medical studies and medical-scientific research for many years now.

Cannabis light seems to have no effect on the psyche and, consequently, does not make the user dependent on the sensations experienced while taking it.

CBD manages to effectively mitigate the effects of THC. The effects of light marijuana and legal hashish are therefore potentially beneficial. Despite the strong interest from the entire scientific community, research on cannabis light is still under development and is increasingly focusing on both the effects it has on animals and on man himself.

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THC: 0.42%
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THC: 0.45%
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CBD: 8.39% THC: 0.38%
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THC: 0.34%
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THC: 0.24%



CBD: 3.56% THC: 0.31%
THC: 0.46%
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