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CBD: Ingredient of beauty and health

Products from daily cosmetics based on CBD

CBD is a metabolite of Cannabis Sativa. CBD means cannabidiolo, the most present metebolite in cannabis light. Different researches have discovered and recognized to CBD different beneficial relaxing properties, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, muscle relaxant, analgesics, anticonvulsants, helps to sleep and to relax against  anxiety and panic. It was also discovered that CBD is also able to reduce the intraocular pressure and it is a promising antipsychotic.

But not only this. This active ingredient represents a true ”beauty ingredient”, as well as well-being. It has in fact great dermocosmetic properties, a miracle for the skin. The antioxidant and sebum-regulator action improves considerably the appearance of the skin, reducing the risk of unpleasant skin diseases. An elixir of beauty that has already taken a big step in the cosmetic market. 

Cosmetics with CBD

The bio cosmetics that contain  CBD are free of pesticides and fertilizers. Full of nutritious natural substances for the skin, it does not contain substances considered harmful to the skin. The body is nourished with natural substances not harmful for the organism.

The cannabidiol is a product very valuable for the cosmetic industry. It is in fact a natural element that helps the health of the skin and also of other parts of the body. The human body produces naturally cannabinoids, such as the endocannabinoids of the skin.

These last ones naturally regulate the sebum production, that is needed to protect the skin because it contains terpenes (groups of hydrocarbons and wax. So in few words cosmetics with high quantities of CBD help regulating the sebum production. Furthermore the prodocts based on CBD can be used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial of the skin.

So the cannabidiolo interracts with the endocannabinoide system present in the organism helping the body to regenerate.

How CBD works in cosmetics

The endocannabinoid system is composed of a dense network of receptors, all integrated with each other through which the body ensures homeostasis ( it is the characteristic that is needed to keep in state of balance its characteristics when external conditions change) of the organism.

These particular receptors are also found in the skin, in different places. CBD, from a dermatological point of view, interacts with the skin in a natural way,  facilitating the homeostasis. CBD operates on the damaged cellular units of the skin, and operates also on the undamaged ones. Many studies and research have shown the multiples beneficial effects of products with CBD, such as creams,lotions,ointments,shampoo,ecc.. have on the skin regeneration. Effects that increase progressively.

CBD and cosmetics: for what is used

The beneficial effects of the cannabinoid contained in cannabis light are many and that is why is also used in the cosmetic field. The most important effects are:

  • sebum-regulator

  • used against acne

  • fight against psoriasis

  • effective antiviral and antibacterial effects

  • considerable anti-inflammatory properties

  • strong antioxidant propensity

  • effective anti-age

  • are used for the health of nails and hair

  • help the dry and greasy skin to regenerate 

CBD: powerful antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Among the most important features of CBD we find beneficial effects such as antiviral, antibacterial and antiinflammatory. Being an antibacterial and an antioxidant, it is a perfect ally to solve many problems related to the skin. An example is the formation of acne, caused from an excessive sebum production.

Recent research have agreed that using products with CBD have beneficial effects that lead to the reduction of acne.

But CBD also has a strong and powerful and natural antiinflammatory effect. CBD is in fact able to keep under control the citochine proteins and the inflammatory chemokines. When these proteins are stimulated beyond a certain level, can damage the cells of our body. CBD takes action helping the body to control and regulate the level, by remaining in a balanced situation and soothing the inflammations.

Finally CBD is a natural antioxidant. It stimulates the differentiation and the development of cells, performing a powerfull nutritious action: anti-aging product. Actually one of the main factors that cause the aging of the skin are the free-radicals. CBD counteracts efficiently their action. That is how were created the best creams to treat the area around the eyes. These anti-aging products can clearly reduce the wrinkles around the eyes, and can minimize bags and dark circles

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