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Legal Hashish without THC with high CBD

Legal Hashish is a plant compound that comes from hemp with certified seeds

Legal Hashish is resin in its pure state, therefore a plant material with very high percentages of CBD. It does not produce psychotropic effects and is not harmful to people. This particular product does not contain THC (or contains it in very low percentages, always according to the law) and is an organic and guaranteed product.
Its origins are lost in the mists of time. The term “Hashish” derives from the Arabic ﺣﺸﻴﺶ ḥašīš and in Italian it could be translated as “grass”. Its history and evolution is still quite obscure, but historians agree that its first appearance occurred in Arabia starting in the 10th century. The first historical documents that attest to its use are dated to the 11th century. Even during that period, the use and use of this product was the subject of lively debates among the various Muslim legislators.

Legal Hashish: a bit of history

The use of Hashish experienced a real surge throughout the Middle East starting from the thirteenth century. Its spread was possible thanks to the Mongol conquests led by Genghis Khan, which brought this product throughout Russia and Central Asia.
At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the use of hashish was widespread in Europe and in particular in France and in all the surrounding countries. Artists in particular found this substance very interesting. It was in Paris that the club des Hachichins was founded in 1843. In this club, and in this case, Hashish was used for recreational purposes, but the initiative made it known to the world of doctors and researchers. The scientific world knew and approached this product and began to understand its high therapeutic value, if managed in a certain way.

Legal Hashish: the Charas

Charas is a particular type of Indian Hashish, highly sought after and appreciated. The history of Charas is a bit complicated because its name, over time, has always been flanked and confused with that of the Hashish commonly known to most.
The original Charas comes from the Himalayan region of India. Today it is produced in many other countries around the world. The area in which it is produced the most is Himachal Pradesh, which includes the Parvati Valley and Kashmir. It is a product known worldwide, in India and the rest of the world, where it is appreciated and used thanks to the multiple beneficial effects of CBD.

Legal Hashish: the production method

Today, as in the past, Legal Hashish is still produced by rubbing the tops of plants between the hands. This occurs when the seeds are at the peak of ripeness and from them it is possible to scrape and collect the resin that adheres.
The slower the rubbing, the higher the quality of the product. It takes a very long time to produce Charas Legal Hashish. About eight hours to produce between seven and eight grams of Hashish.
Although the process takes a long time, it is quite simple. The buds are chosen from live plants and the large leaves are eliminated. At this point the buds are gently rubbed between the palms of the hands. In doing so, the trichomes (thin growths or plant appendages) attach themselves to the skin. Subsequently, when a thick, dark and shiny layer has formed on the hands, the product is scraped off with a special tool.
Thus small curls are formed, which are rolled into balls or sticks. The Charas light currently on the market is strictly controlled. It is not produced in India, but in Italy, but still retains the ancient production method. The final product is totally natural and free of chemical additivies

Legal Hashish: characteristics and types

Legal Hashish has different characteristics of consistency, color and softness. The consistency can be semi-solid and more or less pasty. The colors range from yellow, to brown, up to black or reddish. The hardness and texture of the pasta are also different depending on the genetic strain of derivation.
The aroma released is also changing, ranging from earthy notes to sweeter and more fruity shades. Organic, high quality, it contains a high level of CBD and a minimal, almost inconsistent percentage of THC. It has no psychotropic effects and does not harm the body.

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THC: 0,49%
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