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Marijuana e-liquid

Concentrated aroma for Vaping with electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette, also called vape, is an electronic device created and produced as an alternative to the consumption of processed tobaccos (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc …).
Electronic cigarettes trace the mimics and sensory perceptions of the most classic cigarette. Designed to reduce addiction and the use of classic cigarettes, today they have spread very quickly on the national and international market. There are various types of electronic cigarettes, all capable of inhaling vapor without using combustion.
An important part of the electronic cigarette is the atomizer, which contains the vape solution. The vape solutions are produced in different flavors and aromas. Among these, the Marijuana e-cigarette liquid has been marketed for some time now. In Italy there has been a lot of discussion, in recent times, about the production of this product, wondering if it was made with legal marijuana, rather than with the classic one.

Liquid e-cigarette with legal Marijuana

In Italy it is not possible to use a classic Marijuana e-liquid. Products that contain THC cannot be sold and used for vaping. Consequently, the liquids on the market, which can be purchased safely and can be used without incurring difficulties, are those containing CBD (cannabidiol), in compliance with current legal terms. CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis that has no psychotropic effect. It is not addictive and is mainly used to relieve anxiety and stress symptoms.
The liquids currently on the market can be purchased on the basis of CBD concentrate (like the most common liquids on the market with or without nicotine – ranging from 20 to 400 mg). Liquids for electronic cigarettes can also be chosen based on various aromas. Combining different flavors and aromas together gives the vape an extra touch, to benefit from different tastes and effects. In general, liquids for electronic cigarettes can also contain glycerin, water, flavors, CBD oil to be diluted, following the appropriate instructions.

Liquid electronic cigarette with Marijuana: the Italian legislation

In Italy the active ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is considered illegal. Consequently, you cannot consume a liquid Marijuana e-cigarettes that contain high concentrates of THC. These are not commercially available, but are usually self-made. According to Law 242 of 2017, the permitted THC levels cannot exceed the percentage of 0.06%. On the contrary, light cannabis products and derivatives, such as the Marijuana e-cigarette liquid, are arousing increasing interest in the Bel Paese, thanks above all to the beneficial effects of CBD.

The characteristics of Marijuana liquids

The choice of the type of Marijuana e-liquid is subjective. It therefore depends on your taste and your needs. In liquids, the amount of CBD / nicotine varies and there are various fragrances that differ in flavor and texture. Sweet and enveloping, with fruity notes, or liquid with citrusy structures and a strong musky character. There are delicate ones with tropical notes, or woody or well-structured liquids that fill the palate with every vape. You start gradually by choosing blends with a low CBD content, and then try more structured products with higher CBD concentrations. Using an electronic cigarette with legal Marijuana liquid, compared to smoking a classic cigarette, involves fewer health risks. In fact, in electronic cigarettes it is the vaporizer that heats the liquid inserted, so as not to damage the lungs.

Marijuana e-liquid: no side effects

The consumption of the active ingredient of CBD has no side effects. It does not harm the psyche, much less the body in general. CBD liquids are natural products, made through a long and meticulous cannabidiol extraction. The advantages of consuming a liquid containing CBD are many and obvious, because it has positive effects on the mental and physical state. Today it is possible to add more or less high doses of CBD to your e-liquid. Taste, aroma, flavor and fragrance vary according to one’s taste and the obtainable result.

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