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Cannabis light inflorescences: powerful beneficial effects and strong relaxing capacity
Cannabis light inflorescences are a particular variety of hemp plant that contain a very low level of THC and a very high level of CBD.

CBD is one of 80 different chemicals found within the structure of cannabis light. Unlike THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) it has no psychotropic effects on the mind and does not harm the health of the metabolism. CBD is recognized with multiple beneficial properties, such as anti-inflammatory, antiviral and pain relieving properties.

The cannabis light inflorescences chosen by Blue Space have a full-bodied and citrusy structure and contain a very high level of CBD. Musky character, with delicate tropical and woody notes, their fragrance is energetic and at the same time very soft, so as to never be cloying.

The compact, rounded buds rich in terpenes guarantee an engaging mix of aromas, which emphasizes the high quality level. Grown with the indoor hydroponic method, the Blue Space cannabis light inflorescences are one of the best products on the Italian market today.

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CBD: 8.29% THC: 0.36%
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THC: 0.42%
THC: 0.46%
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CBD: 4.96% THC: 0.20%